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Connected Oxford is for enterprising people of all ages and from all walks of life who want to improve their chances of finding / realising their next ‘big thing’ .. job, technology concept, business plan, company, investment or whatever .. in Oxford (UK). You will find us friendly and welcoming – there is no charge for joining or receiving our e-letters, but we do charge for attending events, advertising jobs etc and for sponsorship. With sister clusters around the world we plan global links.

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Next Stop Central Oxford – Open From 12.12.2016
Latest Community Grants Announced
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Academic Series To Explore How We Can Best Commemorate War
Data From Post-Soviet AIDS Epidemic Shows First Month After Infection Is Key Point To Tackle Drug-Related HIV Spread
Clues In Poached Elephant Ivory Reveal Ages and Locations Of Origin
Scientists Identify Key Evolutionary Catalyst For Antibiotic Resistance
Economist Sir Tony Atkinson Launches World Bank Report On Poverty
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75th Anniversary Of First Penicillin Treatment Commemorated
Twelve DNA Areas ‘Linked With The Age At Which We Have Our First Child and Family Size’
New Podcast Highlights Women In Oxford’s History
New Principal of St Anne’s College Elected
GP Referral to Weight Loss Programme is Effective, Welcomed and Takes 30 Seconds
Oxford Has Three New Fellows of the Academy of Social Sciences
Oxford Spinout To Develop Cancer Therapies That Reprogram Tumours To Die
Safe New Storage Method Could Be Key To Future Of Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles
Oxford Announces Revised Arrangements For Spinout Companies
Professor Kevin Marsh Recognised For Contributions To Health In Africa
TripAdvisor To Work With WildCRU On New Wildlife Tourism Education Portal
Social Inequality In UK Women’s Heart Disease Risk Due To Smoking, Obesity and Physical Inactivity
When We Care About Some Plane Crashes And Not So Much Others
Elderly Patients With Unstable Ankle Fractures Could Avoid Surgery
Rapid Blood Test By GPs Can Rule Out Serious Infections In Children
Being Kind To Others Does Make You ‘Slightly Happier’
HIV Cure Hope Thanks To Collaboration
How Babies’ Genes Influence Birth Weight and Later Life Disease
Medicine At Oxford Named World’s Best For Sixth Year Running
Science Minister Sees Development Of Oxford’s Centre For Advanced Research During China Visit
Gaps In Data Place Thousands Of Illegally Traded Wild Animals At Risk, Say Researchers
Rise Of Online Work Captured In The First Online Labour Index
Oxford Ranked First Among Global Universities
Research Looks At The Physical Facts Behind Fiction’s Fascination
Trial Offers Hope Of A Treatment For Spinal Muscular Atrophy
Largest UK Trial Of Treatment For Prostate Cancer Publishes First Results
£126.5 Million For Oxford Medical Research
Cyclists Ride To Cambridge To Raise £1m For Student Support
Pigeon Flock Members Can ‘Overrule’ Incompetent Leaders, Research Shows
The Economy’s Improving But Many Ethiopian Boys Still ‘Feel Hopeless’
Deadly Scrub Typhus Bacteria Confirmed In South America
Excess Weight Has Different Effects On Different Types Of Stroke
Tuning The Instrument: Spider Webs As Vibration Transmission Structures
First Test Of Oral Rabies Vaccine Brings Hope To The World’s Rarest Canid