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Connected Oxford is for enterprising people of all ages and from all walks of life who want to improve their chances of finding / realising their next ‘big thing’ .. job, technology concept, business plan, company, investment or whatever .. in Oxford (UK). You will find us friendly and welcoming – there is no charge for joining or receiving our e-letters, but we do charge for attending events, advertising jobs etc and for sponsorship. With sister clusters around the world we plan global links.

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More Than 20 New Portraits Commissioned To Reflect Oxford University’s Diversity
Karma Nabulsi Receives Guardian’s ‘Inspiring Leader’ Award
£3m Awarded To Oxford-Led Consortium For National Computing Facility To Support Machine Learning
Dr David Prout Appointed As Next Pro-Vice-Chancellor For Planning and Resources
UK Employment Tribunal Fees Deny Workers Access To Justice, Says Study
Meltwater Acquires Oxford Uni Spin-Out Wrapidity to Add AI to Media Monitoring Capabilities
Conferences Set To Attract 10,000 Prospective Students and Teachers
Oxford Marks Tenth Anniversary of European Research Council
Oxford University Campaign Invites Visitors To ‘Grow Their Minds’ at the University’s Incredible Museums, Libraries and Gardens
Why Medical Device Company Launches FAIL in Europe
New £100 Million Rosalind Franklin Research Institute To Improve Health Through Physical Science Innovation
Blood Ties Fuel Cooperation Among Species, Not Survival Instinct
Oxford’s Billion-Dollar Startups
New Somerville Principal Announced
Africa-Europe Partnership Launched To Develop New AIDS Vaccine
Feared Spider’s Unique Spinning Technique Could Inspire Tougher Materials
Is Pride A Sin Or An Incentive?
Africa-Europe Partnership Launched To Develop New AIDS Vaccine
Questions Raised About Cleanliness In English Hospitals and So-Called Spot Checks
Rapid Gas Flares Discovered in White Dwarf Star For the First Time
Oxford Announces Honorary Degrees For 2017
Chickens and People: Past, Present and Future (Oxford Conference – Research Findings)
Discover The Ashmolean With a New Podcast
Measuring The ‘True Social Cost’ of Carbon Dioxide Emissions
The Sky’s The Limit For Stargazing Oxford
Retroviruses ‘Almost Half a Billion Years Old’
Oxford Most Prolific University Innovator In Europe
Your health! The Benefits of Social Drinking
Economist Professor Sir Tony Atkinson ‘Pioneered The Study Of Inequality’
NHS Hospitals That Outsource Cleaning ‘Linked With Higher Rates of MRSA’
Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Disruption Addressed With New Oxford Spinout Circadian
Oxford-Led Team Train Archaeologists To Spot Threats To Sites In Middle East and Africa
Think Twice Before Trusting a Digital Assistant To Do The Shopping
Study Shows Wheat Crop Yield Can Be Increased By Up To 20% Using New Chemical Technology
School Pupils Learn About Oxbridge Life At Varsity Rugby Matches
Scientists Devise New Method To Give ‘Most Robust’ Estimate of Maasai Mara Lion Numbers
Study Highlights Heart Disease Risk For Pregnant Women
Three Oxford Research Centres Among 14 To Share £118M Wellcome Funding
Chris Grayling Unveils Plans For Fully Privatised Rail Line
Swimming, Racquet Sports, and Aerobics Linked To Best Odds Of Staving Off Death
Next Stop Central Oxford – Open From 12.12.2016
Latest Community Grants Announced
University of Oxford Team Receives Research Grant From Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation to Improve Health and Development of Preterm Infants
Chancellor Announces Oxfordshire Will Carry Out Science And Innovation Audit
Brain Activity Predicts The Force Of Your Actions
Oxford Team Receives Research Grant To Improve Infant Health And Development
Rise In Reindeer Deaths In The Arctic ‘Linked With Loss Of Sea Ice And Extreme Weather’
Oxford Announces Its Partnership With edX and Its First MOOC
Florida’s Homicide Rates Rise After ‘Stand Your Ground’ Self-Defence Law
Academic Series To Explore How We Can Best Commemorate War