About Us

About us

www.connectedoxford.com is run by a small local team. We do not pay ourselves salaries, but we use revenues generated to cover the costs of our events and pay for this website.

The way to join  us is to become a member of our ‘Connected Oxford’ group on LinkedIN (your user e-mail and password for LinkedIN will also get you into the member area on our site). Your attention is drawn to our ‘Terms and Conditions’ which are posted at:  ….   . This is a necessary step inparticular to protect us from liability for inappropriate content which members might post (sorry to mention this!).

Come along to our events and encourage your boss/colleagues to post jobs, events etc into this site. (We have some really slick technology which makes this much more user-friendly than you might think)

If you are tempted to sponsor this or other communities, please give us a call…..

We also manage other connected communities around the world (visit www.connectedcommunities.com) and our plan is to roll out the services which work in Oxford, Cambridge and Shanghai  to other technology hot spots and to facilitate the linking of these hotspots in a global network of connected communities for the benefits of all our members.

We are learning fast and really keen to hear about what you would like from us…

Get in Touch

Have a question?  Feel free to get in touch via the form below (or you can email us at ConnectedOxford@Connectedclusters.com).