Cyclists Ride To Cambridge To Raise £1m For Student Support

Cyclists ride to Cambridge to raise £1m for student support

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A group including Oxford’s Vice-Chancellor and Harris Manchester College’s Principal have cycled to Cambridge to raise money for student support.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Louise Richardson and Principal Dr Ralph Waller made the cycle on Tuesday September 13 with a group including academics, staff and students from Harris Manchester College.

The ride raised £1 million, which was donated by five supporters of the College. This will be used to provide scholarships, bursaries and to relieve financial hardship for students who may otherwise find it difficult to come to Oxford.

The party set off at 7.30am and arrived at Homerton College, Cambridge, in time for dinner. Homerton is the twin college of Harris Manchester. The ride also commemorated the scholars who left Oxford in 1213 to travel to Cambridge, which led to the founding of the University of Cambridge.

Professor Richardson said: ‘We had a wonderful day, great company, fine weather, beautiful scenery and only a few hills. We are deeply grateful to our generous supporters who contributed to scholarships for mature students.’

Dr Waller said: ‘The ride from Oxford to Cambridge was great fun. Everyone who took part completed the whole journey at record speed.

‘The group consisted of the Vice-Chancellor, her husband, a law professor, two librarians, the Economics Fellow, the Dining Room Superintendent, a student, and me. We greatly enjoyed each other’s company and encouraged each other along the way.

‘Over the centuries Vice-Chancellors will have made many journeys between Oxford and Cambridge, but I suspect that Professor Richardson is the first Vice-Chancellor to complete this journey by bicycle.’