Does Your Organisation Have a Short Project You Need Help With?

Does your organisation have a short project you need help with?

Source: LinkedIn – Laura Attewell Placement & Partnerships Manager at Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Business

At Oxford Brookes University we are looking to offer our Faculty of Business Masters students the opportunity to complete a 1 month internship at the end of their studies.

Our masters programmes aim to develop:
*the ability to identify, analyse and critically evaluate a range of business related issues and problems,
*the ability to develop a range of possible alternative responses to these issues and problems and from these options
*the ability to select the most appropriate course of action, bearing in mind the wide variety of stakeholders upon which business decisions impact.

We also run International Management Programmes which are specifically designed to develop a range of professional skills and experiences to underpin future International Management roles.

What type of projects can students undertake?
Typical examples of projects include:

Industry analysis
Competitor analysis
Business plan drafting
Market research
Analysis of management information (operational or HR for example)
Event planning/delivery
Study of specific operational/HR/marketing concerns
Scenario development
Stakeholder analysis

When would I take on a student?
We would like to offer internships starting in February and October each year. Students would be expected to undergo your normal recruitment practices and we can assist with interview on campus should you prefer.

What should I do next?
If you are interested in taking on a student or would like to know more, please get in touch – / 01865 485950