Molecular Vision Signs Partnership with Speciality Pharmaceuticals Company

Contract to develop a companion diagnostic device

Molecular Vision, a developer of quantitative point-of-care diagnostic devices, has announced that it has signed a contract with a leading European specialty pharmaceutical company to develop a pointof-care companion diagnostic device for the company’s diagnostic compound.
The device, which will enable rapid, point-of-care analysis using a patient’s blood sample, will be based on Molecular Vision’s proprietary BioLED TM technology platform. BioLED TM is a miniaturised, lowcost, easy to use device, which can simultaneously test multiple samples using an optical detection technology to measure the light signal change associated with one or several optical parameters in biological assays.
The program will take the  companion diagnostic device through initial prototyping and optimisation  phases before moving on to manufacturing development, validation and market launch. 
Chris Hand, CEO of Molecular Vision, said: “This partnership validates Molecular Vision’s proprietary technology platform, which has the potential to address the growing demand for faster, more
accurate, point-of-care diagnostic tests. It also exemplifies the pharmaceutical industry’s increased focus on developing personalised medicines, where companion diagnostic tests can help improve and
guide treatment options and so help reduce healthcare costs.”