Transplant Success for Isis Spin-Out, Organox


source: Isis Innovation

In a world first, a donated human liver has been ‘kept alive’ outside a human being and then successfully transplanted into a patient in need of a new liver.

So far the procedure has been performed on two patients on the liver transplant waiting list at King’s College Hospital, London, and both are making excellent recoveries.

By extending the time which the organs can be preserved, and maintaining them in a fit state for transplantation, it is thought that the procedure could potentially double the number of organs available for transplant.

The OrganOx metra is the first and only fully automated normothermic liver perfusion device for improved organ preservation. The OrganOx pipeline products will extend the use of their core technology to the preservation of other organs.

OrganOx was spun-out of the University of Oxford by Isis in 2008.

See the University of Oxford website for further details of the technology and the clinical trial.