Isis Innovation turns 25!

Isis Innovation Turns 25

Isis Innovation was established by the University “to ensure that the results of
research, having been adequately protected by way of patents, bring reward
to the University and the inventors”. Since then Isis has filed 1500 new patent
applications on Oxford inventions, concluded 750 technology licence agreements
with industry around the world and helped establish 80 new Oxford technology
companies, which have raised in excess of £500m investment finance. Isis has also
developed to provide many new activities to support the University, transferring
technology and expertise to industry
Tom Hockaday, Managing Director, Isis Innovation
“Isis was formed at a time when there were no established models of how to
successfully commercialise university IP. We are incredibly proud to have been
a trailblazer in this area, bringing the benefits of new technologies to society,
contributing to the economy in raising investment and creating jobs, and
playing a key role in establishing relationships between the University,
industry, and investors.”
Professor Andrew Hamilton, Vice-Chancellor,
University of Oxford
“The University of Oxford, like all universities, thrives when it engages with society.
Academic freedom to generate and develop new thinking drives progress, and
tangible benefits from research are made accessible through commercialisation.
Isis has been at the heart of this activity for Oxford for 25 years and its
contribution to the University is highly valued and appreciated. Congratulations!”
Jonathan Flint, CEO, Oxford Instruments
“Isis has led the way in developing models of interaction between academia
and industry, a major area of interest to innovative technology companies.
The technologies that Isis has commercialised through licensing and spin-outs
epitomise the sources of economic growth that are so important for the future,
and its success has inspired other organisations both in the UK and abroad.”
Professor Màrius Rubiralta Alcaniz, University of Barcelona
“In Spain we are proud of our world-class research and manufacturing capability.
There is still huge potential for further growth through commercialisation of
research and we have been delighted with the support that Isis has provided in
developing new ventures.”