Isis Spin-out Zyoxel to Collaborate on $32M ?Human Body on a Chip? Project

Isis Spin-out Zyoxel to Collaborate on $32M “Human Body on a Chip” Project

Source: Isis Innovation

Zyoxel, spun out by Isis Innovation in 2009, has announced it will collaborate with researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Charles Stark Draper Laboratory and MatTek to develop a circuit of miniature human organs on a chip as part of a five year, up to $26.3 million program awarded by the United States Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Zyoxel will also work with Draper Laboratories and researchers at the University of Pittsburgh on a $6.25 million project administered by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). The project will aim to develop a model of liver metastasis and improve the understanding of how secondary tumours develop away from primary tumour sites.

The company was founded to develop technologies to improve pre-clinical drug testing and reduce animal experiments.